Sound and Divider Curtains


Noise Control Corporation can create functional, cost effective and beautiful sound curtains and sound baffles to meet the needs of restaurants, schools, gymnasiums, auditoriums and many other similar facilities that require noise reduction. Let Noise Control Corporation provide assistance in reducing unwanted sound from a large crowd or an individual speaker by dividing one room into two using a sound curtain or by installing baffles to absorb or redirect the sound in larger open areas.

Noise Control Corporation’s sound baffles provide a solution to noise generated from a localized sound transmitter or source. Our baffle systems include one or more sound baffles or a baffle “cloud” and have tapered closed ends and provides a versatile and quality product used in industrial and manufacturing applications for controlling a ” localized” noise source.

Our baffle systems provides exceptional value for an effective sound mitigation system to be used in areas where workers are exposed to a loud or noisy area such as air handling units, generators, mill stamping units, turbine units and other similar equipment.

The panels can be arranged as a single unit, multiple units and a cloud array all of which can be suspended from existing hard lid ceilings, structural framing or sub-framing and maybe mechanically fastened to the wall as needed.

  • Room and Area Divider Sound Curtains
  • Suspended Noise Reducing Baffles
  • Fixed Wall Baffles



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